Failed States and Geopolitics

A journey begins. Join me as we consider some of the world’s most troubled lands. This blog will particularly focus on “failed states,” those countries with ineffective governments, extreme physical insecurity, and dysfunctional societies. Even so, we will also consider places recovering from state failure or moving in that direction (i.e. fragile or weak states). Expect commentary about the threats associated with state failure (not just terrorism), and how the international community should best respond to these troubled lands.

At times, the blog will venture more broadly into the realms of foreign policy and geopolitics. Expect commentary about key issues of the day, and undercovered stories that deserve a higher global profile. Given my background and interests, expect special emphasis on developing  countries, and particularly Africa and Asia.

*** Did you like what you read here? You might be interested in the new book by this blog’s author, Failed States: Realities, Risks, and Responses.


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