Dreams of Nigeria

Followers of this blog will know that I spent significant time in Nigeria around the turn of the millennium. Today I am sharing a few pictures from my travels. The pictures are from throughout Nigeria, from Yorubaland in the Southwest, Abuja, and Yankari National Park (Bauchi State). I hope to share more later.

baobab tree

savanna landscape

Savanna is the dominant natural environment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

419 sign in Nigeria

If you’d like a deeper discussion of “419 fraud” in Nigeria, see Andrew Apter’s piece, “IBB=419: Nigerian Democracy and the Politics of Illusion” (see link below to the full-text book chapter).

University of Ibadan LibraryIbadan, Nigeria

peugots in Nigeria

Does Nigeria still have so many Peugot wagons?

You can read more about my experiences in Nigeria in the first chapter of the book Failed States: Realities, Risks, and Responses. A free sample, which includes several Nigerian stories, is available here.

* Reading recommendation: Andrew Apter’s IBB=419: Nigerian Democracy and the Politics of Illusion.